A survey is an effective technique for understanding the business comprehensively and identifying possibilities to stand out in a certain market or among a particular target group, such as by measuring customer happiness. The survey data should then be processed to get pertinent facts regarding the market issue being addressed.

Menon operationalizes surveys using all of the digital channels included in our omnichannel solution, not only the voice channel. Also, all the data obtained is thoroughly processed by our Business Intelligence   team so that your company can obtain all the information provided by the survey.

Types of surveys

Menon has experience in conducting various types of surveys, such as:

  • Market studies that reveal the preference of a certain niche of clients for a certain product or service when compared to the existing options.
  • Evaluation of customer satisfaction through CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Score. This metric should be obtained through a survey conducted in the moments following the client’s interaction with the brand. The CSAT collected will assess a particular element of the customer experience, such as contentment with customer service delivered through a particular channel or with a good or service that was purchased.
  • Using the Net Promoter Score, you may gauge how loyal your customers are to your business. NPS measures the percentage of your company’s client base that is not only pleased with their experience but also recommends your brand to others in their network using the ideas of detractors and promoters.

These are just a few examples of how Menon can help you obtain relevant data for your business strategy from the consumer market.

Benefits for your company when working with Menon to conduct surveys

  • Menon is an expert in customer experience and can assist your business on how to do the finest evaluation possible with your clientele.
  • We have an experienced Business Intelligence team that will handle all the data obtained from the market survey and transform it into strategic information for your company’s decision-makers.
  • Possibility of operationalizing the survey across the numerous channels offered by our omnichannel solution in order to reach a bigger contact base.
  • Obtain consistent consumer feedback that enables swift customer loyalty-building activities to be made.
  • Operationalize market research that can help you position your business against the competition.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss how to best operationalize the right survey for your company.