What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a technology-based process that makes it possible to gather, organize, analyse, share, and monitor pertinent data for management and decision-making in negotiations.

By combining business analysis, data mining, data visualization and powerful BI tools, Menon’s Business Intelligence & Reporting team helps your company make sound decisions based on real-time and objective business indicators.

In practice, we assist your organization in having a clear understanding of its business data and using it to implement improvements, get rid of inefficiencies, and—most importantly—adapt swiftly to market changes.

Technically, the company’s business applications and systems are where raw data is gathered. Once it has been saved in the cloud or on-site, one of our analysts can access it and transform it into pertinent data, starting to meet the customer’s demands.

Utilizing BI tools, we can display the data and turn it into diagrams and charts that include all the necessary information for the stakeholders.

How Menon's Business Intelligence & Reporting team works

Benefits of implementing Business Intelligence & Reporting processes

O BI é uma componente essencial de uma empresa. It can be used, for instance, in processes related to marketing, compliance, production, and customer service. There isn’t a single business sector that could not profit from having access to sufficient real-time information.

Businesses who use Menon’s Business Intelligence & Reporting services benefit from many advantages, including:

  • Less time is invested in the treatment and collection of data and more time is allocated to analysis and decision making.
  • More accurate reports and analysis thanks to automated information cleansing and anomaly detection methods.
  • Higher data quality.
  • Ease of sharing and availability on the smartphone.
  • Possibility of data analysis in real time.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Better customer experience.

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